Debut Biotech entered into an agreement with Royal DSM to evaluate the Debut Biotech scalable cell-free biomanufacturing platform. The agreement will focus on enabling a proof-of-concept opportunity for Debut Biotech’s method, which unlocks and overcomes the limitations of traditional cell-based fermentation, according to Joshua Britton, CEO of Debut Biotech. The company’s platform will be used to create natural ingredients together with DSM for use in personal health, food, and lifestyle products.

“Biomanufacturing holds promise for the sustainable production of materials and ingredients, but the traditional cell-based fermentation approach has limitations— especially for high-value specialty ingredients,” said Britton. “To truly innovate and move forward as an industry, we need to create tools that allow us to move away from the cell. This has allowed our team to break into wholly new product categories using biomanufacturing processes to produce rare, expensive, and new compounds. We are excited about our partnership with DSM because it will allow us to demonstrate our platform’s capabilities in the specialty ingredients market with a recognized global leader.”

Debut Biotech has advanced biomanufacturing to be cell-free, leveraging natural enzymes to make valuable materials across all major industries, including food, agricultural chemicals, cosmetics, beverages, health and wellness, additives, and dyes, added Britton.

“The company’s cell-free platform has the ability to transform low-value bio-renewable materials into high-value specialty chemicals, unlocking latent markets and providing unprecedented access to sustainably produced ingredients,” he continued, noting that Debut Biotech’s method provides a sustainable approach to biomanufacturing.

Debut’s manufacturing platform uses exponentially less space and water, avoiding many of the chemicals used in traditional chemical synthesis and dramatically reduces a reliance on traditional petroleum-based products, Britton pointed out.

“We’re excited to partner with Debut Biotech, and are thrilled to see how their cell-free method can support DSM’s role as a leader and innovator in the specialty food and nutritional ingredients market,” said Ross Zirkle of DSM. “The biomanufacturing of natural products has the potential to produce high value ingredients that customers are increasingly demanding.”

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