DNAPrint® Genomics entered into a sales and marketing agreement with Beckman Coulter regarding DNAPrint’s proprietary AncestryByDNA™ and DNAWitness™ technologies, utilizing Beckman Coulter’s SNPStream® genotyping systems.
“As a primary focus, DNAPrint can provide detectives with the new DNAWitness descriptor kit that their own crime labs can run,” says Richard Gabriel, CEO and president of DNAPrint Genomics.
DNAPrint’s Ancestry DNA technology can determine genetic ancestry and provide law enforcement a “fuzzy photograph” of an individual from a DNA sample, adds Gabriel. Forensic investigators can use the technology to acquire a description of a suspect or to help them identify unknown victims.
“Crime labs or law enforcement agencies can purchase the SNPStream from either company. It is similar to the pharmaceutical product called PharmaID™, which is a high performance technology of validated DNA testing and identification used to predict drug reactions in certain population groups,” continues Gabriel. “Forensics, however, is our primary focus.”

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