Institutes will use firm’s cloud-based software and provide feedback to enhance DNA-based medicine.

DNAnexus, Geisinger Health System (GHS), and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) are working together to develop clinically relevant workflows to enhance the use of DNA sequencing in medicine. Laboratories within GHS and UCSF will use DNAnexus’ cloud-based software to upload, store, and analyze DNA sequencing data.

In conjunction with the Geisinger Clinical Program for Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), GHS will have access to DNAnexus’ genomic data-management capabilities including visualization, analysis, and storage. The healthcare organization, in turn, will provide strategic counsel around the use of WGS data in clinical settings and the extension of DNAnexus’ capabilities to further support such use.

“At Geisinger, providing the best personalized healthcare has always been our mission, and key to that is the ability to collect and manage valuable medical information like electronic health records, blood samples, and DNA sequencing data,” says David Ledbetter, Ph.D., CSO, Geisinger Health System. “As whole genome sequencing becomes more affordable and accessible, we are eager to work with DNAnexus to find ways to manage this critical data asset and better leverage it within the clinical workflow.”

David J. Erle, M.D., UCSF professor of medicine, notes, “In the past few years, the pace of development in DNA sequencing technology has been astounding, doubling in capacity even faster than the classic Moore’s law of computing. That has a huge impact on our ability to understand both health and disease, but it also poses a formidable challenge. In many cases, scientists are now limited more by their ability to store and analyze the data than they are by their ability to generate it.”

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