Goal is to investigate panel of tumor-specific genes to aid in patient stratification.

diaDexus is collaborating with Mayo Validation Support Services to investigate a gene expression profiling test to identify patients at higher risk for breast cancer recurrence. The test will feature a panel of tumor-specific genes to predict recurrence of malignancy in patients diagnosed with primary invasive early stage-breast cancer. 

diaDexus reported that previous study data demonstrated that a set of eight genes were differentially expressed in patients with progressive disease compared to those who were disease-free after a median follow-up of 70 months. The company thus believes that the PCR-based test involving these genes warrants additional investigation into its utility in identifying patients at higher risk for recurrence. 

In this larger confirmatory study with Mayo Validation Support Services, diaDexus investigators will evaluate whether the test, which includes the previously identified eight genes in addition to others, can help provide breast cancer patients with personalized prognostic information. This critical information may help physicians determine risk stratification and the need for chemotherapy as well as improve cancer management. 

The study will include tumor samples from 60 breast cancer patients who have been tracked for up to 10 years following diagnosis and initial treatment. Comparisons will be made between 30 patients who showed no disease progression during 5–10 years of follow-up and 30 patients whose disease progressed within five years of surgery. A control group will consist of six normal breast tissue samples. 

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