Researchers from UCSF, NCIRE,and the VA medical center in San Francisco aim to find therapeutics and biomarkers for skin disorders, including the effects of aging.

Researchers from DermTech and three California medical institutes reported a collaboration to explore the development of products for skin-related conditions, including signs of aging and atopic dermatitis.

“Our research group has been interested in the role of the permeability barrier in skin disorders, including attenuating the effects of atopic dermatitis and aging for some time,” states W.M. Holleran, University of California San Francisco (UCSF), one of the participants. “DermTech’s noninvasive, molecular basis for assessing skin status represents a key addition to enhance our research efforts in these areas.”

DermTech will provide its EGIR (RNA tape stripping and assay development) technology to scientists from the Department of Dermatology, School of Medicine, UCSF, the Northern California Institute for Research and Education (NCIRE), and the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center San Francisco.

The researchers will work together to identify novel therapeutic compounds for certain skin disorders, formulations that will arrest or ameliorate the dermatological effects of aging, biomarkers involved in dermatological disorders and aging, and gene expression patterns predictive of patient responsiveness to drug treatment.

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