ASP-08126, in development against solid tumors, targets several tyroskine kinase oncogenes.

Debiopharm negotiated an exclusive, worldwide development and commercialization license to China-based Ascepion Pharmaceuticals’ preclinical-stage multikinase inhibitor ASP-08126 (Debio 1144). The drug is an orally available small molecule that is designed to inhibit several tyrosine kinase oncogenes implicated in cancer growth, metastasis, and angiogenesis. Debiopharm says the compound has potential utility in the treatment of solid tumors both as monotherapy or in comination with other anticancer drugs.

Ascepion is leveraging an integrated technology platform spanning molecular structure-based drug design, chemical synthesis, drug screening biology, and preclinical research for the discovery of small molecule anticancer drugs that target signal transduction pathways. Additional preclinical candidates include ASP-502D, an oral receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor that blocks tumor angiogenesis and blood supply, and ASP-08112, an orally available, differentiated small molecule multityrosine kinase inhibitor

Ascepion has in addition established a chemical service platform to provide APIs, biologically active reference compounds, and pharmaceutical intermediates. Services include custom API synthesis, chemical process development, and technology transfer. 

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