Selection follows a significant increase in high-throughput sequencing researchers at the center.

The Center for Cancer Computational Biology (CCCB) at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute selected the CLC Genomics Server, CLC bio’s enterprise platform for next-generation sequence analysis. The decision follows a significant increase in the number of researchers who are getting into high-throughput sequencing, says CCCB, which provides analytical support services for labs and researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

“How are we going to support an increasing number of molecular biologists and clinicians who don’t have their own bioinformatics resources? That’s really what started our evaluation and why we eventually selected CLC bio,” says Mick Correll, CCCB associate director. “By giving individual groups access to our central installation of the CLC Genomics Server, they can leverage a powerful enterprise platform while only needing to invest in their own desktop clients.”

CLC Genomics Server includes desktop applications, server software for doing calculations on existing or new central computers, and centralized data sharing and data management. The enterprise platform includes an Application Programming Interface (API) for integration and custom plug-in development.

Clients using the enterprise platform have the choice of using CLC Genomics Workbench, which gives the user full control of all bioinformatics analyses on the Genomics Server; a toolbox of CLC Server Command Line Tools allowing advanced users to incorporate server-access in scripts and integrations; or Web interface for functions such as browsing data, uploading/downloading data, accessing/editing meta-data on data, and doing data-queries.

Customers include the J. Craig Venter Institute, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Veridex, and University of California, Berkeley.

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