Deal covers therapeutic candidates for inflammatory diseases and acute-care medicine.

Dalton Pharma Services and AdeTherapeutics (ADE) have entered into a clinical manufacturing services agreement to develop therapeutic options in inflammation and acute care medicine. Dalton will provide aseptic fill/finish services under cGMP for ADE’s sterile antiadhesion (scar tissue reduction) product.

Dalton’s aseptic manufacturing facility maintains a static and operations Grade A (ISO Class 5) environment. All areas of its aseptic processing facility, including ancillary support areas, are routinely monitored for viable airborne contamination, viable contamination on surfaces, and non-viable airborne contamination by the firm’s QC microbiology laboratory. The area is also supported by the company’s analytical chemistry laboratory and quality assurance department.

ADE’s surgery adhesion prevention product is a protein designed to reduce adhesions or scar tissue caused by surgeries. The therapeutic has shown promise for other large medical need areas such as hernias and surgical site infections leading to sepsis, joint surgeries, and surface scars, according to the company.

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