Wyeth will use Cyclogenix’ discovery platform, and Cyclogenix will leverage IMBcom’s technology and expertise for its R&D activities.

Cyclogenix licensed its peptide discovery platform to Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and separately obtained rights to technology developed by IMBcom to advance its own peptide therapeutic focus.

Under the license agreement, Wyeth will be able to generate therapeutic peptides and will have the option to acquire all rights and ownership at the end of the agreement term, which may last up to five years, or earlier if certain conditions are met.

IMBcom, the University of Queensland’s (UQ) company for commercializing technology from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB), will license cyclotide peptide technologies to Cyclogenix to develop a cyclotdie-based drug. Additionally, under a research partnership, David Craik, a UQ professor, will collaborate with the company to develop these drug candidates.

“We believe that combining the novel properties of the cyclotide scaffold with Cyclogenix’s expertise in display technologies, provides a powerful new approach for the potential discovery of novel peptides for therapeutic applications,” says Dr. Duncan McGregor, Ph. D., CEO of Cyclogenix.

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