LE220, based on Adaptive Focused Acoustics technology, enables concurrent shearing of multiple DNA samples.

Covaris will supply its LE220 parallel processing, multisample platform to BGI. The instrumentation will be used to fragment DNA samples for next-generation sequencing projects across several of BGI’s laboratories in China.

The LE220 utilizes Covaris’ Adaptive Focused Acoustics™ (AFA) DNA shearing technology to concurrently shear multiple DNA samples. BGI, formerly the Beijing Genjomics Institute, will integrate Covaris’ AFA technology into its sequencing activity under the deal.

BGI notes that the multisample format provided by the LE220 was a key consideration in choosing the platform, since the institute’s laboratories process a large volume of samples daily. “Covaris’ isothermal processes will be beneficial for proteomic-related studies such as chromatin immunoprecipitation or ChIP,” says Jim Laugharn, Covaris president and CEO.

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