Firms are also allying to develop targeted resequencing assays.

Correlagen Diagnostics has formed a collaboration with Helicos BioSciences and acquired the Helicos Genetic Analysis System. Correlagen, a CLIA-certified laboratory, plans to use the technology for novel, high-content genetic tests based on targeted resequencing of broad panels of genes involved in disease areas such as cardiology, endocrinology, neuropsychiatry, and immunology.

“We believe that the Helicos® System will allow us to provide DNA-based clinical assays of unprecedented value for the diagnosis of genetic disorders,” states David Margulies, chairman and CEO of Correlagen. “Helicos was the obvious choice for the CLIA-certified genetic diagnostics arena given the unique characteristics of this single-molecule sequencing platform. Our assays will have unmatched breadth, precision, and clinical utility.”

Helicos and Correlagen will work together to optimize methods of sample preparation for targeted resequencing using Helicos’ single-molecule sequencing. Additionally, Correlagen will integrate its processing, variant annotation, and result-interpretations applications into the Helicos bioinformatics pipeline.

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