Organizations aim to sequence 100 genomes in 2009.

Complete Genomics has formally launched its business as a sequencing center and inked its first deal. The firm is partnering with the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) to conduct population-wide human genome studies.

In the project’s first phase, Complete Genomics will use its third-generation DNA sequencing technology to sequence five genomes from samples provided by ISB. Once proof-of-concept has been demonstrated, ISB and Complete Genomics plan to expand this collaboration to sequence the genomes of 100 individuals in 2009 and 2,000 individuals in 2010, according to the companies.

Complete Genomics says that it will launch its service to pharma and biotech companies and medical researchers in 2009 with plans to sequence 1,000 genomes in total that year. In 2010, the firm hopes to sequence 20,000 genomes.

“We will be the first company to sequence complete human genomes for less than $1,000 in material costs,” according to Clifford Reid, chairman, president, and CEO of Complete Genomics. “This breakthrough materials cost combined with our low pergenome instrument, labor, and overhead costs, will allow us to offer complete human genomes for just $5,000 in Q2 2009.

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