NCI SBIR Fast Track Award will be used to continue development on Oncomine Professional.

Compendia Bioscience received a $2.4 million SBIR Fast Track Award to improve upon its online cancer gene expression analysis tool, Oncomine. The system combines a growing compendium of over 20,000 cancer transcriptome profiles with an analysis engine and a web application for data mining and visualization.

Oncomine facilitates rapid and reliable biomarker and therapeutic target discovery, validation, and prioritization, according to Compendia. The product is already available to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as Oncomine Professional Platform. The academic and nonprofit research community also has access to a version called Oncomine Research Platform.

The NCI grant will be used specifically to enhance development of Oncomine Professional. “Compendia was founded in 2006 to extend Oncomine to the commercial sector,” says John Freshley, CEO. “Over the past year we have seen ever increasing acceptance of Oncomine in the biopharmaceutical arena, and with that growing sales, marketing, and business development demands. I am looking forward to concentrating on the continued commercial adaptation of this important product.”

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