Firm will receive $3 million from Charley’s Fund and the Nash Avery Foundation.

CombinatoRx inked an agreement with Charley’s Fund and the Nash Avery Foundation to support Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) research.

CombinatoRx will get up to $3 million in research funding. The firm will also own all intellectual property generated from the collaboration and worldwide commercialization rights to all candidates.

CombinatorRx’ cHTS™ drug discovery technology will be used to identify disease modifying, multitargeted treatments. The company will screen for synergistic activity in both DMD-relevant in vitro assays and those assays that have implicated mechanisms beyond DMD.

“We are excited about the possibility of developing new medicines built from synergistic combinations of approved drugs,” says Benjamin Seckler, M.D., president of Charley’s Fund, a foundation that finances therapeutics for DMD. “This unique approach to drug development could significantly compress the timeline for getting new therapies into the clinic.”

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