Selective adenosine A2A agonists will be developed as part of combination treatment for multiple myeloma.

Clinical Data licensed its preclinical candidate for B-cell cancers to CombinatoRx in a deal worth up to $252 million. CombinatoRx will initially develop this adenosine A2A.

The $252 million will be paid with the achievement of clinical, regulatory, and commercial milestones. Clinical Data will also receive royalties on product sales. While CombinatoRx will be responsible for further development, Clinical Data retains a co-development option, which is exercisable after review of Phase IIa results. 

Research has shown that a combination drug approach utilizing adenosine A2A agonists could be beneficial in the treatment of multiple myeloma, according to the firms. Initial results have demonstrated broad activity in multiple myeloma cell lines, synergy with multiple myeloma standard-of-care therapies, potent induction of apoptosis, as well as selectivity and safety with a broad therapeutic window over normal cells, they explain.

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