Solution lets researchers quantify, discover, and visualize genomic variation from cow genome.

Cofactor Genomics will offer customers of its Bovine whole-exome capture product a genomic viewer from Intrepid Bioinformatics for visualizing the resulting sequencing data of the Bos taurus.

Intrepid Bioinformatics’ SNP data service allows researchers to load and examine data down to the sequence read while viewing polymorphisms, exons and introns, allele frequencies, and more. The service will be integrated into Cofactor’s capture product, forming what the companies say is an end-to-end solution for researchers to quantify, discover, and visualize genomic variation from the cow genome.

Last month, Cofactor announced the launch of its Bos taurus exome capture product, which provides sequence-verified SNPs, insertions, and deletions, without any prior knowledge of genomic variation. The company says its product is designed to let researchers selectively enrich, sequence, analyze, and detect variants in coding and regulatory regions of the cow genome.

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