Methylation DNA markers will be added to research program for the development of a molecular test.

Clinical Genomics and The Garvan Institute of Medical Research entered into a license agreement in relation to novel biomarkers discovered by scientists at the Garvan Institute. Under the terms of the deal, Clinical Genomics obtained worldwide, exclusive rights to Garvan’s cancer-associated methylation DNA biomarkers for the diagnosis and/or treatment of colorectal cancer.

Clinical Genomics intends to expand its colorectal biomarker research program to evaluate these biomarkers. The aim is to develop a diagnostic test utilizing those markers that demonstrate clinical benefit for the early detection of colorectal cancer.

“Through this strategic licensing agreement with the Garvan Institute, we have complemented our existing technology portfolio and enhanced our ability to develop next-generation products for diagnosing colorectal cancer at the earliest, most treatable stage,” states Dr. Lawrence LaPointe, CEO of Clinical Genomics.

Clinical Genomics was co-founded with Quest Diagnostics in September 2006 to develop, extend, and commercialize molecular markers for colorectal disease. The company works with the Department of Gastroenterology at Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide, to access specimens for its validation program.

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