In the current issue of Climate Change Responses, researchers contend that the official global target of a 2°C global temperature rise is “utterly inadequate” for protecting those at most risk from climate change. The 2°C target has been said to carry an increased risk of sea level rise, shifting rainfall patterns, and extreme weather events such as floods, droughts, and heat waves, particularly targeting the polar regions, high mountain areas, and the tropics.

The author of the article, Petra Tschakert, Ph.D., from Pennsylvania State University and a coordinating lead author of the IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report, says: "The consensus that transpired during this session was that a 2°C danger level seemed utterly inadequate given the already observed impacts on ecosystems, food, livelihoods, and sustainable development.”

Poll Question:
How would you describe the researchers response to the 2°C global temperature target?

They are right on the mark. A 2°C global temperature rise will push us further over the edge. We have to set a lower target.

A 2°C global temperature rise is a reasonable target on which to focus in order to diminish the impact of climate change.

We have already gone beyond the threshold for getting a handle on climate change. So now we just need to learn how to adapt to the inexorable climatic changes with which we will have to deal going forward.

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