Company will receive 30% royalty on all tests performed.

Clarient gained the exclusive commercialization rights to Health Discovery’s (HDC) prostate cancer marker. Under the agreement, HDC will receive a 30% royalty for all prostate cancer tests Clarient performs with the HDC marker.

The initial part of this agreement provides Clarient with a four-gene test that may enhance the early detection and staging of prostate cancer, according to Clarient.

The larger ongoing relationship between Clarient and HDC could result in additional diagnostic and prognostic tests developed by HDC and commercialized by Clarient. HDC will lead the research effort through the application of its patent protected SVM technology.

Clarient anticipates that it will begin validation on HDC’s prostate cancer marker and then conduct clinical studies to support the preliminary findings. Once  completed, Clarient will seek the necessary regulatory approvals and clearances.

“The right to develop and market HDC’s gene set provides Clarient with one of the most advanced tools available to distinguish various grades of prostate cancer,” remarks Ron Andrews, president and CEO of Clarient. “Validating a marker will also allow us to work with therapeutic companies to provide access to valuable information as they select patient cohorts for future clinical trials.”

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