Diagnostic provides confirmation of Gleason Grade 3 and 4 cancer cells.

Clarient reports the commercial launch of its gene-expression test for prostate cancer. It will be available through Clarient’s PATHSiTE virtual reporting tool. The test is based on a combination of four genes that identify the presence of Grade 3 or higher prostate cancer cells in prostate tissue, Clarient explains.

The association of these four genes with prostate cancer was discovered by Health Discovery using its SVM and SVM-RFE pattern-recognition technology. Clarient and Health Discovery also transitioned to a nonexclusive agreement to allow for licensing to additional laboratories and increase market uptake. Under the amended agreement, Clarient will retain the exclusive rights for a prognostic test that may be developed in the future in conjunction with Health Discovery.

“The solid results from our clinical validation study confirm our belief that this powerful genomics-based test may assist physicians in the tissue diagnosis of prostate cancer,” remarks Ron Andrews, CEO. “Working with Health Discovery Corporation, we have now completed the scientific paper documenting our validation results and have submitted our work to a respected international medical journal.”


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