Five-year deal is expected to increase throughput with automated methods.

Clarient and Definiens will partner to employ a series of image analysis platforms for Clarient’s in-house R&D and web-based customer portal PATHSiTE. The five-year agreement is focused on developing and commercializing tools to evaluate quantitative biomarkers that predict response to targeted cancer therapies.

The collaboration involves seamlessly integrating a wide range of image analysis tools into Clarient’s existing infrastructure. Clarient says this will increase operational throughput with automated analysis of tissue sample images of all sizes, support cancer tissue biomarker profiling, and facilitate streamlined diagnoses.

Clarient processes tissue samples for biomarkers for both clinical decision-making and biopharmaceutical development. The tissue samples are stored as high-resolution digital images that are managed and analyzed with PATHSiTE.

Definiens’ platform utilizes image analysis algorithms to analyze multidimensional image data. The software automatically identifies and quantifies regions of interest within breast, prostate, and colon cancer tissue samples including nuclei and membranes protein quantification.

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