Firm also set up commercial-scale supply deals with Hospira and Excella.

Circassia has taken over U.S., Canadian, and Japanese rights to dopexamine from Ipsen. The firm also established agreements with Excella and Hospira for commercial-scale supply of the product.

Circassia is developing dopexamine as part of its approach to improve patient recovery following high-risk surgeries. The method, named ToleroCare®, combines dopexamine with the administration of intravenous fluids to improve tissue oxygenation levels during the recovery period after surgery.

ToleroCare therapy has achieved clinical proof-of-concept in a Phase II study, which showed that 44% of patients who received ToleroCare experienced complications in the 30 day period following surgery compared with 68% of those on standard treatment. ToleroCare patients reportedly recovered quicker, staying in the hospital for 17.5 days on average compared with 29.5 days for those on standard therapy.

Dopexamine is a beta2 adrenoceptor and dopamine receptor agonist, which is approved in Europe for heart failure indications. It is not sanctioned in the U.S., Canada, or Japan.

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