Chiome’s ADLib System will be used, and Chugai will select the targets.

Chiome Bioscience and Chugai Pharmaceutical will work together to generate mAbs against multiple target proteins. Chugai will chose the targets, and Chiome’s ADLib® (autonomously diversifying library) System will be used for assessment and lead generation.

“Our technology should be able to address recalcitrant antigens for which no specific antibodies have been obtained before,” says Masaaki Fujiwara, president and CEO of Chiome. “We will also generate innovative antibodies by employing in the collaboration for the first time a novel method for cell-surface presentation of antigens in their native conformations.”

Chiome and Chugai earlier established a research agreement in July 2007. The current deal expands the number of the targets to be addressed and extends the term of the collaboration.



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