Amphora Discovery reported that CHDI signed multiple agreements that provide access to Amphora Discovery’s integrated contract discovery services. CHDI will utilize Amphora Discovery’s services and expertise to to discover novel therapies for Huntington disease (HD).

The agreements cover multiple biological targets implicated in HD and include access to Amphora Discovery’s PrecisionScreen™, PrecisionSelect™, and Full Hit-to-Lead services. Utilizing its PrecisionScreen technology, Amphora Discovery will screen a large number of CHDI compounds against the implicated proteins in parallel. The PrecisionScreen data, combined with the parallel screening of the targets, will enable the primary data to be used for direct Structure Activity Relationship mining. This Amphora Discovery service avoids lengthy retest times and will enable CHDI to rapidly select and prioritize the best chemical series for further development.

Amphora Discovery will then use its powerful PrecisionSelect selectivity profiling platform to further characterize the compounds of interest. Finally, CHDI and Amphora Discovery will initiate a Full Hit-to-Lead program to rapidly structurally optimize multiple chemical series against all the implicated targets in parallel.

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