Current onsite staffing contract has become a long-term dedicated space agreement.
Charles River Laboratories was awarded a 10-year, $111.6-million contract by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). This more than doubles the size of its current contract with NCI.

For the last 12 years, Charles River has provided onsite staffing support to NCI’s Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center (FCRDC). This award expands that collaboration by converting the current onsite staffing contract into a long-term dedicated space agreement.

In support of the new contract, Charles River will construct a shared-use facility to provide research model production and related services to NCI-FCRDC, addressing NCI’s current and future research support needs.

The new shared-use facility will be constructed in close proximity to NCI-FCRDC’s current operation in Frederick, MD. Charles River expects construction to be completed in the third quarter of 2008. The portion of the shared facility dedicated to meeting NCI-FCRDC’s support needs will be staffed and operated by Charles River’s Consulting and Staffing Services group.

Charles River will dedicate a staff of 80 people to provide genetically defined, pathogen-free, mice to support NCI/NIH-funded research targeting the causes and treatments of infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, cancer, bioterrorism threats, and other health issues.

Charles River will also assume responsibility for the management of the NCI/NIH Tumor and Natural Products Repositories in support of the Developmental Therapeutics Program.

The portion of the shared-use facility not dedicated to NCI will be occupied by Charles River’s Research Models and Services business, which will use this new space as a platform for growth in the Baltimore/Washington market, according to James C. Foster, Charles River’s chairman, president, CEO.

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