AstraZeneca agreed to give Charles River Laboratories (CRL) access to its high-throughput screening (HTS) and compound management technologies. CRL will perform HTS programs for its clients utilizing AstraZeneca’s HTS facility.

A number of CRL’s researchers will be based at AstraZeneca’s Centre for Lead Discovery in Cambridge, U.K., to run drug discovery HTS for clients with a range of assay technologies, liquid-handling platforms, and automated storage systems. CRL will have its enhanced HTS technology on display at the SLAS Conference in San Diego next week.

“Providing our clients access to AstraZeneca’s HTS technology enhances our existing capabilities by broadening our assay platforms and increasing our ability to automate, ultimately allowing us to execute HTS projects with greater speed and accuracy,”  said Ian Waddell, Ph.D., Executive Director, Biology at CRL

“Through our longstanding relationship with AstraZeneca, we have developed and implemented best practices that allow us to complete studies more efficiently and effectively. Access to AstraZeneca’s HTS technology is another collaboration that will enable us to continue to deliver groundbreaking science,” added Brian Bathgate, Ph.D., Corporate Senior Vice President, European Safety Assessment at CRL.

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