Cevec Pharmaceuticals and Yuhan signed a CAP-Technology license agreement. The license will enable Yuhan to utilize Cevec’s CAP-T™ and CAP® cell expression systems for the production and development of various therapeutic proteins.

CAP-T CAP cells are immortalized cell lines for transient and stable protein production developed by Cevec. These nontumor origin cell lines exhibit high protein expression, have been adapted to serum-free suspension culture, and show post-translational modifications that are human-like, including authentic human glycosylation patterns.

“We obtained outstanding results from transfections of various target proteins in CAP-cells and we are convinced that this expression system with its authentic human glycosylation profile will be of great benefit to further develop our pipeline molecules,” said Dr. Jong-Gyun Kim, head of the Bio-Innovation Unit at Yuhan Research Institute.

It has been a busy year for Cevec, having previously inked three similar partnerships. In November, the company entered a cell-line sales agreement with Catalent Pharma Solutions and also signed a strategic license agreement with CCS Cell Culture Service, enabling CCS to offer its customers transiently transfected CAP-T cells for cell-based assay and protein production applications. In August, Cevec collaborated with Paragon Bioservices, licensing its CAP and CAP-T cell expression system to develop stable cell lines and perform process development for the contract manufacturing of recombinant proteins and antibodies.

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