Worlwide exclusive rights cover research on Vitamin A analog.

CerRx has obtained the worldwide exclusive intellectual property rights to a vitamin A analog from the National Institutes of Health, John Wayne Cancer Center at St. John’s Health Center, and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles in a new formulation to treat cancer.

Fenretinide is showing promise, according to the company, when combined with other drugs by increasing cellular waxes in cancer cells which leads to cell death.

“In prior clinical trials in children with neuroblastoma, it was found that large capsules of fenretinide were difficult to swallow and hard for the body to absorb,” says Myles C. Cabot, Ph.D. of the John Wayne Cancer Center. “The solution was to develop a unique way to effectively deliver fenretinide by combining it in a formulation that tastes like cookie dough, and that is where the intravenous emulsion and the ‘cookie dough’ formulations came to the rescue.”

“Based on studies thus far, when delivered in therapeutically effective formulations, either alone or in combination with a partnering drug, fenretinide will likely be effective in the treatment of malignant solid tumors, leukemia, and lymphomas.”

The Lubbock, Texas company was formed to develop this technology, according to researchers at John Wayne Cancer Center.ADNFCR-2184-ID-19148136-ADNFCR

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