Researcher in Ireland is using system to grow E. coli.

Cellexus Biosystems sold a CellMaker Lite2™ disposable bioreactor to its first customer, Amir Khan, Ph.D., who is a principal investigator at Trinity College Dublin. Dr Khan will use the system to grow E. coli to produce proteins for structural studies.

“The production of milligram amounts of recombinant human proteins in E. coli for subsequent purification, crystallization, and X-ray structure determination is essential for the research goals of my laboratory,” remarks Dr. Khan. “The CellMaker Lite2 was an attractive option over vessel fermentors for its ease-of-use and minimal maintenance requirements for my small research group. The utility of the system has already been demonstrated in the case of a marginally folded protein, whose levels of soluble expression exceeded those of traditional shaker incubators by three- to fourfold in our hands.”

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