ATR will distribute Cellexus Biosystems’ ( CellMaker™ products throughout the U.S. under a nonexclusive agreement. “We have sold over 5,000 flask shaker systems into the U.S. market, and many of our customers are looking to scale-up to higher volumes but are discouraged by the thought of using a traditional bioreactor,” comments ATR’s vp, LuAnn Bisciano. “The CellMaker Lite2 will give our customers the opportunity to scale-up without the complexity of using a glass or stainless steel bioreactor.” “ATR will be supported by our applications laboratory facility in the Mountain Top Campus at Lehigh University,” says Kevin Auton, CEO at Cellexus Biosystems. “This laboratory will develop new protocols for cell culture, test new products that Cellexus is launching throughout 2007, and serve as a demonstration and support center for ATR’s customers.”

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