Transaction includes patent and know-how on an exclusive basis from the University of Southampton.

Celldex Therapeutics inked an exclusive patent and know-how license agreement with the University of Southampton, U.K., to develop human antibodies toward CD27.

 “CD27 is a critical molecule in the activation pathway of lymphocytes,” notes Tibor Keler, Ph.D., Celldex’ CSO. “It is downstream from CD40 and may provide a novel way to regulate the immune responses.” CD27 is a potential target for immunotherapy of various cancers. 

“This antibody program brings more opportunity to our pipeline and allows us to further demonstrate our development capabilities,” remarks Anthony S. Marucci, president and CEO of Celldex. “We will continue to pursue additional partnerships with both biopharmaceutical companies and other academic institutions to exploit our ability to generate fully human antibodies and look forward to moving a number of programs into the clinic in the next few years.”

Celldex applies its Precision Targeted Immunotherapy platform to generate mAbs. Its clinical pipeline consists of two anticancer agents and one drug candidate for infectious diseases.

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