Novel bioreactor will supply oxygen to the cells throughout the entire space in which cells are growing.

CellCyte Genetics formed a new device division to develop, manufacture, and market its patented line of stem cell cultivation and replication devices. The company reports that it is designing stem cell enabling therapeutic products that allow more efficient delivery and increased retention of adult stem cells to diseased organs.

Along with its planned human trials for its therapeutics, CellCyte Genetics intends to develop a new stem cell cultivation device, or bioreactor unit. The company plans to market the device for applications that will require cells to be grown under regulated oxygen concentrations, e.g. the replication of stem cells and the culture of pancreatic islet cells prior to transplantation into diabetic patients.

“CellCyte’s patented biological cell maintenance system has the unique ability to incubate cultured cells with a very efficient and regulatable oxygen supply, making it an ideal choice for culturing cells that are otherwise difficult to keep alive or to expand,” explains Ron Berninger, CSO.

“The cells can also form a 3-dimensional network inside the bioreactor, which is what most cell types do in major organs of the body.”

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