Company says new test detects lung cancer with 94% sensitivity and 93% specificity.

Celera unveiled a new immunoassay test of six biomarkers which detects non small-cell lung cancer with 94% sensitivity and 93% specificity. The blood test detects all stages of lung cancer and all major histological subtypes, as well as being able to distinguish benign lung disease from malignant carcinoma.

“We believe a test with this accuracy would have an opportunity to impact non-small cell lung cancer patient outcomes at many levels,” says Thomas White, Ph.D., CSO at Celera. “We’re exploring the commercial opportunities for this program as we continue to validate these findings in a clinical setting.”

The test was assembled from a study that included 27 potential biomarkers detectable by mass spectrometry of blood. The panels described in the study are expected to provide options to screen for risk of lung cancer and to monitor disease post-diagnosis.

Celera also presented other multi-member biomarker panels detecting pancreatic and colorectal cancer.

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