Latter company will use rights to develop metastasis risk test and a tool to select women for endocrine therapy.

Celera granted Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings (LabCorp) rights to its breast cancer metastasis and estrogen/progesterone receptor discoveries. Many of the discoveries licensed to LabCorp are involved in the p53 tumor suppressor signaling pathways and are implicated in cancer proliferation.

“This license agreement with Celera strategically complements our innovative and extensive pipeline of diagnostic services and reinforces our strong commitment to genetic and molecular oncology testing,” comments Myla P. Lai-Goldman, M.D., executive vp, CSO, and medical director of LabCorp.

The license agreement allows LabCorp to select from among Celera’s genomic findings to develop and commercialize two molecular oncology laboratory service tests. It plans to offer one to help predict the risk of metastasis in early-stage breast cancer patients and a second test to provide a molecular assessment of hormonal receptor status, which is used to select women for endocrine therapy.

These tests may provide information that is distinct from that predicted by routine clinical assessment tools and quantify risk for metastasis for variable time periods rather than only categorically for five or 10 years, according to LabCorp.

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