Company will search for new immune system indications for candidates that Meiji is not using.

Celentyx signed a drug re-profiling agreement with Meiji Seika Kaisha. Celentyx will use its Immuno-Profiling™ platform called Novel Clinical Indication Profiling ™ (NCIP) to identify new immune system applications for drug candidates that were previously discontinued or sidelined by Meiji for reasons other than safety.

“We are particularly pleased to add Meiji as a partner, since they have a number of candidate drugs impacting a target that we have identified on key cell subsets with the human immune system,” says Nicholas Barnes, Ph.D., Celentyx CEO. 

Celentyx’ Immuno-Profiling technology uses human isolated tissues and cells to allow the analysis of drug or biopharmaceutical action on human immune cells including normal resting cells and activated or pathological cells. The firm claims that this technology can be used to reprofile NCEs and biologicals for immune disorders, elucidate mechanism of action at the molecular and cellular level, and also predict adverse reactions mediated via the human immune system prior to first administration to man.

The company’s in-house pipeline includes drug candidates for the treatment of epilepsy and for treating various forms of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Both candidates are ready to start Phase II trials. 

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