A new study, published in Environmental Research Letters, reports that current rising temperatures already noticeably load the “climate dice,” with growing practical impacts. The study’s lead author, James Hansen, Ph.D., argues that a carbon fee, collected from fossil fuel companies, is needed to spur replacement of carbon fuels with clean energy.

"The economically sensible approach is for the price of fossil fuels to include their full cost to society—the costs from air and water pollution and climate change," he insists. "The way I see to achieve this is by introducing a carbon fee, something [the recent United Nations Conference of the Parties] didn't address. I'm not talking about a tax. It's a tax if the government keeps the money. A tax depresses the economy. But the fee spurs the economy if the money is distributed uniformly to the public.”

Poll Question:
Do you think that a carbon fee collected from fossil fuel companies is an effective way to fight climate change?



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