Six institutions to receive annual research funds of approximately $2M in perpetuity.

Ludwig Cancer will give six U.S. institutions $20 million cash each, plus stock in a New York real estate holding company, to create Ludwig Centers. The $120-million plus gift, with further distributions from the Ludwig Fund over the next six years, should ensure that each Ludwig Center receives annual research funds of approximately $2 million in perpetuity.

The Ludwig Centers are:
Ludwig Center at Dana-Farber/HMS: The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School team is now designing and implementing scientific studies that expand knowledge gained in early drug development trials.

Ludwig Center at Johns Hopkins: The Johns Hopkins University Kimmel Cancer Center team will continue to focus on the genetic underpinnings of cancer and how to use these discoveries to improve cancer patient care.

Ludwig Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering: The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center team is evaluating several innovative cancer immunological approaches, now in clinical trials, to identify promising new ways to diagnose and treat people with cancer.

Ludwig Center at MIT: The MIT team will focus particularly on the understanding of metastasis.

Ludwig Center at Stanford University: The Stanford University team is working to isolate cancer stem cells in all human cancers and develop new therapies that target these cells to eliminate the disease at its source.

Ludwig Center at The University of Chicago: The Chicago team will focus on finding novel ways to direct radio-labeled hormones to their receptors to detect the spread of cancer and deliver precision radiotherapy or other treatments to metastases in specific organs.

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