Cambridge Major Labs is launching a new business unit aimed at bridging the gap between domestic and off-shore full time equivalent (FTE) chemistry services. The new business unit, BudgetFTE, will utilize industrial post-doctoral Ph.D.s under the supervision of Cambridge Major managers to enable low cost, U.S.-based FTEs to support discovery and medicinal chemistry needs of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Under the direction of Cambridge Major, BudgetFTE says it will provide services to the discovery and medicinal chemistry arena at pricing that provides a middle ground between domestic and off-shore suppliers. The company adds that BudgetFTE is a U.S.-based operation, which mitigates any concerns about IP leakage, project management, speed-of-response, and quality of services.

BudgetFTE will be focused on FTE contracts from six months to one-year time intervals to support discovery and early medicinal chemistry programs. The company will be targeting analogs, scaffolds, small libraries, and competitor compounds. As lead molecules are identified, BudgetFTE can transition the compound to Cambridge Major Laboratories for process development and scale up for GLP toxicity studies and GMP manufacture.

The business unit will be staffed initially with 10 Ph.D. scientists targeting 20+ Ph.D.s within the first two full years of operation.

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