DiscoveRx’ cell-based assays will be coupled with Caliper’s LabChip instruments.

Caliper Life Sciences and DiscoveRx’ inked an agreement under which DiscoveRx’ functional cell-based GPCR assays will be performed on Caliper’s LabChip® platforms. The transaction covers DiscoveRx’ assays including PathHunter™ Beta Arrestin and cAMP Hunter™ and Caliper’s LabChip 3000 and LabChip EZ Reader® series.

“This collaboration will expand the capability of Caliper’s LabChip technology into the dynamic GPCR drug discovery market, an opportunity with substantial potential due to the importance of GPCR drugs and the number of active R&D programs in neuroscience, cardiovascular, inflammation, and other disease areas,” comments Kevin Hrusovsky, CEO of Caliper Life Sciences.

Caliper’s LabChip instruments use microfluidic separation and direct detection of substrates and products to generate results. The partners believe that this platform along with DiscoveRx’ beta-galactosidase enzyme fragment complementation should provide researchers with the ability to perform more clinically relevant cellular-based assays.

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