Caliper’s automation and microfluidics solutions will be combined with Covaris’ DNA shearing technology.

Caliper Life Sciences and Covaris inked a co-marketing agreement to develop automated workflows for next-generation sequencing experiments. The deal leverages Covaris’ acoustic DNA shearing platforms and Caliper’s automation and microfluidics technologies.

Caliper has developed a suite of solutions for library construction, sample analysis, and nucleic acid fractionation. The firm says that these features reduce manual manipulations, increase throughput, and improve sample-to-sample consistency.

The company’s sequencing tools include the LabChip XT for nucleic acid fractionation, the LabChip GX for library quantification and sizing, the recently launched LabChip DS for purity and quality control, the Zephyr® Genomics Workstation for automated nucleic acid extraction and reaction setup, and the Sciclone® NGS Workstation, which includes validated protocols for library preparation, sequence capture, and sample normalization.

“Our Sciclone NGS, LabChip GX, and LabChip XT have become critical tools in leading next-generation sequencing laboratories already utilizing Covaris’ technology,” says Kevin Hrusovsky, president and CEO of Caliper Life Sciences. “This collaboration is a logical next step toward simplifying workflows for scientists challenged with meeting the growing demands of next-generation sequencing sample preparation. As sequencing technologies move from the lab bench to the clinic, it is critical that integrated solutions offer consistency and sample tracking.”

Covaris’ sample preparation technology is based on Adaptive Focused Acoustic™ (AFA) technology. It enables a high-energy density to bring unsurpassed speed and efficiency to biological and chemical sample preparation with the single-sample S220, the multi-sample E220, and high-throughput parallel-processing LE220, according to the company. The AFA process, based on shock wave physics, delivers controlled, precise, and accurate energy to biological and chemical samples, Covaris adds.

The isothermal and noncontact method accelerates next-generation DNA sequencing sample preparation, according to Covaris. It provides a highly predictable and reproducible DNA shearing instrumentation, consumables, and applications to the next-gen workflow, the firm adds.

“Covaris provides a wide variety of next-gen sample prep solutions for the evolving needs of sequencing laboratories relative to nucleic acid shearing and sample extraction,” notes Jim Laugharn, Covaris president and CEO. “Covaris recognizes the importance of high-quality sample preparation as a fundamental component for advanced life science systems such as in next-generation DNA sequencing.”

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