Echelon Biosciences (EBI) acquired California Peptide Research (CPRI) to broaden its line of biochemicals and research peptides. EBI’s primary customers are pharmaceutical and R&D companies.

According to Transparency Market Research, “…the global peptide therapeutics market was valued at $14.1 billion in 2011 and is estimated to reach a market worth $25.4 billion in 2018.”

“Peptide therapeutics show neurological applications, including Alzheimer's disease,” said W. Tim Miller, EBI’s CEO, “along with broader capabilities for developing assays [that are] superior to traditional methods. [The acquisition] will provide Echelon an expanded offering of research reagents to our pharmaceutical and diagnostic customers, and incorporate the peptide expertise into our own research and development.”

CPRI will relocate operations from Napa, CA, to the Salt Lake City-based facility of EBI, and join corporate divisions that include Logan, UT-based Frontier Scientific and Newark, DE-based Frontier Scientific Services.

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