Google-backed Calico said Tuesday it will partner with the Buck Institute for Research on Aging to support research into longevity and age-related diseases. The value of the collaboration was not disclosed.

Calico will establish and maintain unspecified science operations at the Buck under the collaboration, which will give the company the opportunity to identify, fund, and support research ranging from basic biology to potential therapies for age-related diseases.

The agreement also gives Calico the option to obtain exclusive rights to discoveries made under research it supports.

“Given the Buck’s exclusive focus on aging, we believe that there’s great potential to increase our understanding of the biology of aging and to accelerate the translation of emerging insights into therapies to help patients with age-related diseases,” Hal V. Barron, M.D., Calico’s president of research and development, said in a statement.

Buck Institute is the third research partner with which Calico has inked a collaboration agreement in recent weeks.

Last month the company launched a four-year partnership with the University of California (UC) institute QB3 to study longevity and age-related diseases, as well as create and foster an interdisciplinary community of scientists in those fields. Calico has a separate exclusive license to technology from a QB3 partner institution, UC San Francisco—namely modulators of the integrated stress response discovered in the laboratory of Peter Walter, Ph.D.—in return for undisclosed up-front fee, and potential milestone and royalty payments.

Earlier in March, Calico began a collaboration with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard that is intended to advance understanding of age-related diseases, and propel the translation of these findings into new therapeutics.

Calico’s biggest partnership deal came last year, when it launched an up-to-$1.5 billion R&D collaboration with AbbVie to discover, develop, and bring to market new therapies for patients with neurodegeneration and cancer, as well as other age-related diseases.

Calico—an acronym for its formal name of California Life Sciences LLC—focuses on aging research and therapeutics. The company was founded in 2013 and is led by two former Genentech executives— Barron, M.D., who was formerly Genentech’s evp and CMO; and Arthur D. Levinson, Ph.D., who served as Genentech’s chairman and CEO before its acquisition by Roche.

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