Bruker and Biognosys entered into a strategic partnership in which Bruker made a majority-ownership investment in Biognosys. Co-founder and CEO Oliver Rinner, PhD, and his leadership team will continue to manage Biognosys as a proteomics and proteogenomics CRO services and proteomics software company, according to Rohan Thakur, PhD, president of the Bruker Life-Science Mass Spectrometry division. Biognosys’ biomarker and biopharma customers will benefit from additional services and footprint in the U.S., added Thakur, noting that Biognosys will access Bruker’s 4D proteomics timsTOF technology for high-precision proteomics.

“Biognosys mass spectrometry-based proteomics solutions help CRO services and proteomics software customers in uncovering connections between genome, transcriptome, and phenotype to explore the static and dynamic nature of disease biology,” explained a Bruker spokesperson. “In particular, the Biognosys TrueTarget™, TrueDiscovery™, and TrueSignature™ research service solutions provide deep, peptide-level proteome insights for drug discovery and development.”

The Bruker-Biognosys collaboration is expected to create synergies between Biognosys’ portfolio of proprietary proteomics services, software and kits, and Bruker’s timsTOF platform. As a result of the strategic partnership, Biognosys plans to open its first advanced proteomics CRO services laboratory in the U.S.

“We are pleased to partner with Bruker to leverage our unique synergies to enable customers to explore the depth of the proteome from early research to clinical development,” said Rinner. “We have worked closely with Bruker to support dia-PASEF® high-throughput, deeper proteomics methods within our Spectronaut® software [and remain] committed to maintaining Spectronaut as a high-performance vendor-agnostic proteomics software. We plan to establish our U.S. CRO lab in Massachusetts using the timsTOF platform, so that our customers can benefit from multiple MS technologies.”

“We have many common biomarker and biopharma customers, and even more potential customers may prefer a proteomics CRO services expert like Biognosys for rapid, highest quality and flexible insertion of proteomics into their biomarker or biopharma discovery and development,” pointed out Thakur. “With the rapid scientific acceptance of dia-PASEF workflows, our partnership offers a unique combination of proteomics applications and data-science expertise, which can benefit more biopharma and diagnostics companies in using unbiased proteomics for decision-making.”

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