New company will have local production facilities and distribute to nearby countries.

Spanish biotech firm Biotools B&M Labs and Indian agbio specialist Kilpest India are setting up a joint venture company in India to develop new products and technologies in the fields of clinical and molecular biology, and agfood.  The new company will operate a local production facility to carry out the development and commercialization of resulting diagnostic kits and research tools for the public and private Indian healthcare, R&D, and agfood sectors, and to distribute products into neighboring countries.

Biotools is focused on the development of diagnostic kits for bacterial, viral, and parasites diseases using proprietary technologies. In 2008 the firm expanded into the field of medium and high microarray development for applications in diagnostics, prognostics, and drug response in diseases caused by microorganisms and metabolic pathologies.

Established in 1972, Kilpest is an agbio firm that today manufactures about 50 pesticide products, microfertilizers, biofertilizers, and biopesticides.

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