The collaborators will manufacture ESpy™ cell lines, which are derivatives of hESCs, and a related supplies.

BioTime and Embryome Sciences signed a manufacturing and distribution agreement with International Stem Cell for the joint production and distribution of hundreds of new standardized human and animal stem cell lines along with corresponding data and reagents.

Under the collaborative production and manufacturing agreement, the parties intend to manufacture ESpy™ cell lines (derivatives of hES cells that send beacons of light in response to the activation of particular genes) as well as a host of supplies scientists will utilize in the field of stem cell research.

The progenitor cell lines will be produced and distributed in joint efforts utilizing Embryome Sciences’ Embryomics™ technology, International Stem Cell’s parthenogenetic stem cell lines derived from unfertilized human eggs, and technology and approved hES cell lines licensed from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

“While many have focused on the therapeutic opportunities of hES cells and the generous $3 billion of funding provided by the State of California to fund this research, we believe that the greatest rate of return on investment may be in commercializing research products,” notesMichael West, Ph.D., CEO of BioTime. “We intend to win the race to profitability in this important field of medicine.”


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