Biotie will gain a CNS-related discovery platform and two clinical-stage drugs.

Biotie Therapies is acquiring elbion through a stock-for-stock purchase agreement. The deal bolsters Bioties inflammatory and CNS disease programs and adds an HCV drug candidate to its pipeline. The firm also gains a drug discovery platform focused on CNS and inflammatory diseases.

Elbion’s naltrexone depot for alcohol dependence will complement Bioties addiction-related compound, nalmefene. Naltrexone is in Phase IIb testing, while nalmefene is in Phase III for alcohol dependence and Phase II for gambling addiction as well as smoking cessation.

Elbion’s second most advanced candidates is ELB353, an orally available selective anti-inflammatory drug, which has completed a Phase I study. Other compounds are in preclinical testing.

The transaction is expected to close on November 14.

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