ChemMatrix resins allow for increased stability and wider solvent compatibility.

Biotage will be including ChemMatrix® resins with its offering of peptide synthesis and purification products. ChemMatrix is a patented 100% PEG resin from Matrix Innovation that reportedly offers advantages over traditional PS- and PEG-based resins for solid-phase peptide synthesis.

The ChemMatrix resin enables the synthesis of complex molecules from biological origin, peptides, oligionucleotides, and small proteins typically used for therapeutic purposes. The resin is supplied as classical spherical beads, a tried and tested solution in the industry for almost 50 years, but leverages today’s need for flexibility and exacting standards of quality and performance in the synthesis of especially difficult sequences, according to Matrix Innovation.

The resin’s benefits include exceptional stability, wide solvent compatibility, no leaching, optimum loading capacity, Matrix Innovation adds. It allow users to achieve higher purities and yields of product per gram of resin especially in the case of difficult peptide sequences.

Earlier this year Biotage introduced the SyroWave peptide synthesizer and the Resolux HPLC columns for peptide purification. The company’s instrument platforms utilize microwave and parallel robotic technologies incorporating solid-phase and solution phase-chemistries.

The Syro family of instruments are fully automated and programmed for the unattended synthesis of multiple peptide sequences, while minimizing the amount of reagent used for each cycle. The SAP and SAM synthesizers are semiautomated systems that are programmed for the synthesis of single or multiple peptides.

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