Biotage gained distribution rights, and the firms will partner to develop new tools.

Biotage is entering the peptide synthesis business through two new agreements with MultiSynTech. The deal covers the distribution rights for MultiSynTech’s systems and the establishment of a joint development project.

Biotage and MultiSynTech will jointly design and market a new microwave-aided peptide synthesis system, which will increase yield and speed in peptide synthesis. The aim is to create tools that offer higher productivity and increased performance.

Biotage says that under these agreements with MultiSynTech it will be positioned to offer both parallel synthesis and microwave synthesis capabilities. “This joint development project will combine the proven performance of the current MultiSynTech robotic synthesizer with Biotage microwave technology in a unique integrated system,” says Torben Jørgensen, CEO of Biotage.

“Biotage has a proven sales and support team that dramatically expands our coverage outside central Europe and really opens opportunities for our current products in USA, U.K., Nordic, and Asian regions,” comments Udo Treffer, CEO of MultiSynTech.


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