BioSeek will perform profiling and lead optimization.

BioSeek expanded its agreement with UCB for one year. BioSeek will carry out broad-based profiling of selected UCB new chemical and biological entities and guide lead optimization of a specific phenotypic hit previously identified by UCB and further characterized in BioMAP screens.

BioSeek will receive various payments from UCB, including an upfront technology license fee, research funding, and preclinical and clinical milestones.

“Our 2007 collaboration identified specific areas of high interest to UCB where the BioMAP platform could be productively applied to UCB projects, and those form the basis of the new agreement encompassing two major programs in bioactive annotation and lead optimization,” notes Michael C. Venuti, Ph.D., CEO of BioSeek.

BioMAP Systems are primary cell-based models of human disease biology, designed to replicate the intricate cell and pathway interactions as they are observed in vascular inflammation, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, as well as fibrosis and related clinical indications, according to BioSeek.


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