BioSeek will use its BioMAP Systems to evaluate small molecule and protein candidates.

BioSeek will aid Merck Serono in its drug discovery efforts using BioMAP® Systems. The deal covers the evaluation of Merck Serono’s small molecule compounds and proteins in multiple therapeutic areas.

BioSeek will support target differentiation, lead selection, and nomination of candidates for preclinical development at Merck Serono. BioMAP Systems are primary cell-based models of human disease biology, designed to replicate cell and pathway interactions as they are observed.

BioMAP can be used in vascular inflammation, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, as well as fibrosis and related clinical indications. Depending on their mechanism of action, compounds induce specific patterns of changes in these systems (BioMAP profiles) that can be compared to a large number of reference profiles in the BioMAP Database.

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